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Healthcare Fund of Montenegro (Ambulance service) – Podgorica – Podgorica

HVAC fan coil system and heat pump installation, room ventilation

KC of Montenegro – Podgorica

 Design of HVAC installations

Ostrog Monastery

 HVAC system installations

Catholic church – Podogorica

 HVAC system installations

Petrović Castle – Podgorica

 VRF system HVAC installations, room ventilation

Centralna biblioteka (Central Library) – Cetinje

VRF system HVAC installations, room ventilation 

Olimpijski i vaterpolo bazen

  • VRF system HVAC installations, room ventillation, installations for heating sanitary hot water and pool water
  • Water and sewerage installations with infrastructure installation


• VRF system HVAC installation, room ventilation, dehumidification of rooms


VRF system HVAC installation, room ventilation

Stadion Budućnosti

HVAC installation, room ventilation, water and sewerage installations

Dom Kulture

HVAC installation with heat pump, room ventilation


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