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ETG group is a story of success – from a small family company to the market leader, hiring close to 100 people. Our secret is simple: we have an excellent team in which we constantly keep investing.

We are aware that out employees are our greatest resource and that’s why we pay close attention to relationships, level of our employees’ satisfaction and their constant improvement and advancement. We cherish our team based on healthy relationships, open communication and friendly atmosphere. We believe that people obtain best results while motivated, with freedom to manage their own time and projects, and with a support of their superiors.

We know that everyone working in ETG group is a valuable contribution to the company, thus, we express our gratitude through promotion opportunities, investment in training, local or abroad, and fostering open communication between management and employees.

If you wish to be a part of our successful and friendly team, apply here. Even if we currently don’t have any spots open, we will be pleased to read your CV and contact you if we should need someone with your skills. For all the additional information, contact our human resource department.



If you are interested in learning and working with modern technologies in a positive environment, and believe that you would be a good asset to our team due to your hard work and persistence, apply here for working in our company.


Adresa: 8. marta 36, 81000 Podgorica

Phone: +382 (0)20 241 064