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Conceptual design is usually preceded by feasibility studies and represents the first phase of design. It provides the description of the suggested system in terms of ideas and concepts, as well as certain requirements that must be met in order for the final building to look and work in a certain way. Our professional team will offer you the complete service of the development of preliminary design which is of crucial value for the construction of any building.


Our design services include architecture, interior and installations (water and sewerage, HVAC, smoke and overpressure systems, electrical installations and telecommunications, safety and signaling systems) with a complete project documentation: preliminary design, main design, installation designs with details for work installation, as-built documentation, studies, analysis and the optimization of existing installations and the development of feasibility study of energy efficiency, the commissioning plants and systems, the development of tender documentation and bids.



Inteq is not a typical store in the business of selling but a friend who will help you build your dream home. Two decades of experience in designing and decorating residential and commercial buildings, professional engineering and design teams, rich reference lists, excellent support from respectable suppliers and a wide range of products are more than good reasons to visit our showrooms in Podgorica and Tivat.

Inteq, as a member of ETG Group, whose core business focuses on delivery of all kinds of installations, equipment and materials for different sectors and a complete interior design, represents more than 60 world-known suppliers in the fields of:

  • Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning
  • Water and sewerage, pumps and pump plants
  • Floor and wall coverings
  • Equipment for bathroom, Wellness and SPA

In addition to services of sale and delivery, our clients have at their disposal the free counseling, professional assistance in choosing optimal solutions as well as the 3D modeling which will enable you to see how would your interior look before making any investment in order to create you dream home with the help of our professionals.









Years of experience in designing and furnishing hotels, luxury villas, apartments, and excellent collaboration with our suppliers enabled us to reach highest levels of providing this service and ensured our clients to receive the best possible solution. We have paid a special attention to synchronization and integration of visual segments, material textures, styles and fashion trends along with a constant care of maximal space functionality. We use every designer opportunity to leave a special creative mark which is reflected through the positive feedback of our clients during the creation of their dream home.


For its clients, ETG group provides a service of optimization and budgeting where every project is analyzed from several aspects, both technical and economical.

We are able to offer you the analysis of current project and a suggestion of optimization or enhancement in order to obtain complete functionality. In economic terms, we provide our clients with options of offers and enable them to choose between more alternatives in order to come up with the optimal solution for a project and to obtain more with less resources.

Optimization and budgeting is a service recognized by our partners and some of the project on which it was used are Porto Novi, Porto Montenegro, Lustica bay, etc.



Activities of our service center include service and maintaining, parameter setting, functionality tests and commissioning of:

  • Water pumps and pump plants
  • Systems for heating, air-conditioning and ventilation
  • Solar systems
  • Devices for automatics and automatic control
  • Sprinkler stations

Based on Article 48 paragraph 1 of the Law on Consumer protection, the seller shall provide the consumer with the warranty for a period of two years.

However, the warranty period may last longer depending on the producer and the quality of our products is reflected in the fact that some of them even have the warranty of 30 years.


Facility management represents a solution for advanced real estate management and all the important elements in the process of their maintenance (energy consumption, efficient incident management, contract management, meeting current legislation…)

We can provide you with the exact and reliable data offering the real picture of what is happening in your real estate portfolio in every aspect of your activity.

With the application of the most modern software – Cosept, we are here to provide you with:

  • Energy efficiency and optimization of buildings;
  • Timely and right decisions regarding all aspects of managing your buildings;
  • Minimizing incidents;
  • Timely mobilization of resources in the event of incidents;
  • Preventive identification and risk reduction;
  • Reduction of costs;
  • Service or preventive planned maintenance;
  • Support to your business;
  • 24-hour task servicing;
  • 24-hour overview of the process of execution of tasks.

In addition to the management module, other integrated software modules of the Consept are:

  • Contract Management
  • Document management
  • Task and people management
  • Waste management and recycling
  • Fire protection


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